What Keeps You Going?

“I empower students.”

Those three words keep me going.

The best days have the moments in them when my students realize that they have learned to do things on their own. The victories are little right now. They come in the form of a student playing with how to remain in control of the revision process of his or her own paper during a writing conference. They are the mostly unprompted responses of “ask a question” when I make them remember the tool they’ve been taught for how to “get out of a dead end of thought.” They are the baby step of a willingness to try and set a series of goals for the year and display them publicly to the class on their blogs.

And there’s my reminder.


One thought on “What Keeps You Going?

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  1. What keeps me going, more than anything else, are the notes on my bulletin board from kids. No matter what frustrations arise, it is enough to know that at least a handful of them felt like they walked away a little wiser.


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