Look What Time Lets Happen: 10th Grade Curriculum

A couple days ago I got together with a few of my 10th grade colleagues and we continued to hammer out a document that articulates what we value in the English classroom. Our mission was to create a document that explicitly states the pedagogical and philosophical practices to which we subscribe. As I said in... Continue Reading →

The Culture of Change

I don't have anything else to say about it right now except that I am beginning to believe that we at SHS could be on the brink of major change. (For now and for the purposes of this blog, I'll keep this in reference to curricular change.) The reason I briefly point this out is... Continue Reading →

Ross School Visit

Visiting The Ross School in East Hampton, Long Island was a memorable experience. I continue to be amazed at how evident it became to me how readily a well-designed and decorated space can serve as inspiration for thought. That's what an unlimited budget can do, I suppose. In terms of what I think we can... Continue Reading →

Podcasting a Scene: Free Rubric Criteria

Having my students perform and record a dramatic reading of a scene from The Lord of the Flies was a great way to help them use their imagination and visualize the scene. It required necessary skills of close reading and formal performance, and it was a great social-emotional learning exercise. Here's why this matters, and here's how I laid out the assessment criteria.

Bringing Lit to Life (cntd.)

I want to continue to address the kind of imagining that readers need to do, and in moving forward with the book I want students to be able to hear the action and tension in a text play out. While students were able to choose a scene from the first seven chapters of Lord of... Continue Reading →

Bringing Lit to Life

I noticed that my students were struggling with Lord of the Flies and I was doubtful as to whether they were enjoying it. I think a big part of it had to do with the fact that there is a lot of meaningful narration about the setting, and Golding purposefully does not always clearly delineate... Continue Reading →

Dreaming Big

I brought this up in Stuck in the Structure: the ideal school. We should dream big just for the sake of dreaming, so I've been doing some thinking and scheming and wanted to get it out there in our blogosphere. I also wanted to take some time to really think through what it would take... Continue Reading →

The Creative Life

Well, I'm just about beyond jealous after reading the latest issue of "Fairfield University Magazine" (Winter 2010 issue). The first Residential College opened for sophomores nine years ago in 2001. Now Fairfield U has grown to four Residential Colleges and guess what the one that opened this year is called: Creative Life Residential College. Sophomores... Continue Reading →

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